To Achzelf ~ Nmenomic Downing ~

Sonnet Benign

My dear lonesome dove, once have gone venture,

Pray tell me, tell you, yet handsome bidding?

A doll top-still swore never departure,

Thus done they statch, lonesome shall; due doing.

Thought but not lonesome; plethora of hope,

And limpsey gospel grinds, do passion port.

Folk’s Death pledges thou eternally loop

From prayers come wilting roses resort.

To become for truth; dazzling sealed dove-self,

To annoint for birth; phantom vains thy half.

About Andrei Judd Cabahug

Middle school is an odd age. It is an age for truth and lovers. To grasp the truth of youth, mighty yell, mighty swell. He did though, but little did he know had he learned the long wrong hard boner. And to this wet and this dry summer time’s spent confused to acquaintaces never diffuse. What did they see in Andrei? What did the Filipinos ever so resilient at judgment’s course? Never truth, never spout. The worst and least condition they could is to leave him be to oblivion to Andrei’s ever unknown depravity itself as its dark age. And never he thought does the little birds remember? Not until he provoked Mona Lisa. Deemed true to legends to come, true love compels the impossible sanity, and, as sensible as he was, he finally knew. And all that is left is to kill himself.

And to this day, the only thing that change of him was his compassion towards people of power, superiority amongst people, and, the joy of true compliments nor life-stance kind, he’ll be ever wary.


Entertainment and Media ~ In what levels for what is indeed worth ~




Reading other people’s blogs brings unpleasantry to my eyes. Specifically, topics about people bashing media, of all among the sickening, this has bothered me the most). What’s there to believe in anyway if they can’t? Just being from the sidelines and the almighty liability, we witness the powerful individuals will get to have their way the moment they did win. They write the history (or even if it the weak is the victor, will alone won’t rewrite the history, to rewrite the history must have means of powers to influence).  Someday, we would eventually forget it and focus on among the priority. It’s been about one individual and the people who cared for them the most and those who lost their trust, left alone and naked, and against the people with the ultimate power. Again, we would forget them, and the majority minor problem grows and still persists making the invisible verdict under the surface. The point is, the little birds remember, and they won’t be able to warn the young ones or even the superiors or elders who backtrack the evidence. Those who carries the supreme evidence, has their phantom burden, their own sole scars.

What truly brings entertainment? What news can bring to people if they themselves do know what they are doing is wrong but still do it regardless? And what if they did bring out truth, would people believe it? In what cause that should they have to show is an article that doesn’t bring unruly satisfaction to those who find it guiltily amusing? That article ruins the happiness to others or a specific subject who, in certain conditions and as a whole, don’t deserve it. Then what good does it bring to a greater good? It doesn’t. It is the proof of justification to just one person that those who are strong rules out the weak. Power that uses scapegoats to cover his own indefinable sins.

For as long as I am aware of, there are some journalists I speculated who are suspicion of their own subjects being falsified. There are always journalists of their kind for just the right and wrong kind of people. If you ask the majority they will answer you 1000 of positive answers and the least will answer you 1 negative. It’s plausible that it is either true or or just make-up game but that doesn’t stop an individual to hold their grounds for it. It also could have been another way around but holding it for just a tyrannical level of purpose of bashing it is just downright wrong. For these kinds of journalists will always look for the weakness and threats of their subjects (victims) or even institutions for, even in their own rite, had purpose of doing so for a good reason. Sadly, unknown to multiple levels of people distinguished by their nature, they find it a threat or offensive to their mind outset it thinks for the general peace and order. In this matter it doesn’t matter if it is a trend or not. For what it matters at the period of time is that they will ask for a resolution and satisfaction to both sides even the fact the other side of the situation which is personal individuality leading their own special circumstances.

Journalists, in response, defended their profession, which they felt was being wrongfully depicted. “Journalists are always in search for the scoop and often resort to sensationalizing certain local events to avoid being boring”. Mr. Charbel Abboud from Future TV contended, “The Lebanese cannot expect BBC or CNN coverage in the Lebanese media. We are Lebanese media that resembles the Lebanese society.” As for Manar Sabbagh from Al Manar, she believed that civil society was equally represented in the media and believed that the role of social media was being exaggerated. Media representatives had one united message: “don’t misjudge the media”.

As a student, this is a proof of misjudgment, with poor dedication and research and with due and respect I’ve been unknown by the aspects and façades of media in multiple degrees. And this fact is undeniable. I spent my everyday life without concern to the outside world via media as I have my own concerns which deemed possible worse to my own personal necessities than anyway out there. As we speak, there are massive people who are facing misfortune with all these technologies or anything else available to reach out and ask for help. With all due and respect, I, as well have a life of my own. Economies, catastrophe, soon these disasters will struck me unprepared, taking away and then face off what really matters. Is it too much to ask for happiness? Then all goes down the straight road, a path that we wished to work hard for. And with these encounters we in our daily lives, I wish, we interact the best of our abilities, extravagant or not. Media entertains those who will reach and and including those who will may or may not be part of their own misfortune.